2X Grammy nominated producer Lee Major talks about creating the music behind Lil Wayne’s – D’Usse .

Lee Major Kid     |     07.02.14


Produced By Lee Major!

Lee Major Kid     |     05.15.14

Although the typo says produced by the big homie Dj Nasty. This is produced by Lee Major! #THEMAJORKIDWINS

Lee Major Kid     |     05.14.14


Track #9 Produced by Lee Major . S/O to the SauceBoys & Eroc on the Pen!

Lee Major Kid     |     10.31.13

Prod by Lee Major. Additional lead backround vocals by Ren Morris.

The Gifted in stores now!

Lee Major Kid     |     09.30.13


The Gifted in stores now!

Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece) & Black Heroes Produced by Lee Major.

Ren Morris on the lead Backrounds on Golden Salvation! #TheMajorKids

Lee Major Kid     |     07.10.13

TheGifted in stores 6/25.

Lee Major Kid     |     06.24.13

Wale album “The Gifted” is in stores 6/25.

Lee Major Kid     |     06.10.13

The Gifted in stores 6/25

Lee Major Kid     |     05.25.13

Lee Major Kid     |     05.24.13

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Lee Major Kid     |     05.21.13

Production by Ricky Bobby

Mike Angel #HotCommodity

Lee Major Kid     |     05.16.13

Lee Major Discography

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